About Escalante Rugs

Over twenty years ago and two generations of rug importers, we started selling Zapotec weavings from Oaxaca, Mexico. During those twenty years we have established relationships in the village, working with and alongside the Zapotec Indians. The gracious nature of our Indian friends and the deeply held cultural and historical charm are an honor to witness. Their incredible talent shows brightly in their tapestries and weavings.

The owner of Escalanate Imports, Dean Bubolo, has worked closely with these incredible weavers to focus the color palette and design combinations to meet the ever changing world of interior design and decorating. Dean’s work has produced a process of color selection and design flexibility that enables each buyer of our rugs to customize and add a personal touch to their hand woven rug.

Dean was educated at The University of Notre Dame. Dean comes from an adventurous lifestyle from hiking the canyons of the Escalante National Monument, located in Escalante, Utah to mountain biking around the high desert mountains in Jerome, AZ.

The Lincoln Collection

Well received in 100% Churro wool, Zapotec rugs had shown themselves as incredibly durable and salable for both residential and hospitality uses. We realized the incredible Zapotec weaving skills were limited only by their use of 100% wool, the limitations of “pot and fire” dyeing and small scale production of their wool. After extensive Research and Development we decide on Lincoln Wool. A dynamic yarn with excellent luster, this wool creates an amazing rug.


Lincoln Wool Characteristics

  • Lincoln yarns have outstanding luster and shine
  • Lincoln yarns are known for their memory, always springing back
  • The lincoln fiber has a high affinity for dyes
  • Lincoln wool rugs are moisture resistant
  • Lincoln fabrics are extremely flame retardant
  • Lincoln wool is the second strongest natural fiber behind mane horse hair

What is Lincoln?

Lincoln, sheered from Lincoln Longwool goats, is truly an exquisite fiber. With its delicate warm appearance, luxurious hand and rich luster, it is often a surprise to discover it is the second strongest natural fiber behind horse mane hair, giving it the “diamond fiber” distinction. Naturally soft to handle with a high affinity for dyes, Lincoln-produced yarns have a halo-like glow, dyed or not dyed.

Our Secret

Our secret is controlling the spinning and dyeing process from the start, allowing the weavers to focus on weaving. We prepare the yarns using a worsted system, a process by which the fibers in the Lincoln wool are made parallel to one another and then twisted together into yarn, giving it a dense, tight coil. Our yarn dye baths use precise temperatures and “exhaustive” dyeing techniques; meaning no dye is left in the bath after the process is over. This ensures our yarns are fully colorfast and guarantees uniformity and duplication of color each and every time. Our Lincoln yarns are available in over 100 designer colors in the form of cataloged and numbered pom pom sets to easily build a rug to fit your needs.