It all begins with the rug…..

Rugs are beautiful, they are works of art, they add so much to wherever they are placed.
One could look at them all day and oohh and ahh in the showroom or on a website, but there’s nothing like seeing them placed in their “home” (they look great in offices too!). I had the pleasure of doing a home installation last month. These were custom ordered and were gorgeous in their own right, yet when they were placed on the floor they came in to their full glory! They fit perfectly both in size and with the rest of the decor. Call me a
rug geek, but it was thrilling.

Recently Escalante Rugs’ owner Dean, and Deb from Little Bear Interiors did a fabulous
photo shoot in Montana. We’ll be using these in upcoming advertisements in our favorite
magazines (Western Art & Architecture, Cowboys & Indians, Cowgirl) so keep a look out for them. I’m giving you a sneek peak here..

I’ve also added an Escalante Rug to my home, it was a tough decision on which one, as there are so many fabulous to choose from. The rug really became the starting point for decorating the rest of the room (wall color and a great vintage chair made it pop!). An interior decorator friend of mine, upon learning I was going to work for Escalante Rugs, became very excited and exclaimed she starts all her projects with the rug and takes it from there.  I choose “Mexicano” and love it!

To help you with your next decorating project we can assist in locating a talented interior designer in your area, just contact us!

Happy Decorating!
The Escalante Team