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"1930 Lincoln"

$3,980.00 - $7,680.00
6'6" x 10' ft.
Lincoln Wool

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About This Rug

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100% hand woven and hand loomed rug made by the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. Each rug is finished “neat” with no fringe and a braid at each corner.

Wool Types & Care

Our featured wool types and care instructions
Escalante Rugs are woven from five unique varieties of 100 percent wool yarns:

  • Mohair Wool Blended Yarns
  • Angora Wool Blended Yarns
  • 100% Scottish Lincoln Yarns
  • Hand Spun Wool Yarns
  • 100% Churro Wool Yarns
We recommend the Dura Hold Plus rug pad from www.nomuv.com.

Weekly vacuuming and regular turning/flipping of the rug will aid in a longer life. You can wash in cold water using a mild soap such as Woolite, then block to dry (flatten and stretch). For more soiled rugs we recommend dry cleaning with a local cleaner that deals with rugs. More information see our FAQ page.

For more info, visit Wool Types & Care.

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