Wool Types & Care

Escalante Rugs are woven from five unique varieties of 100 percent wool yarns:


100% Scottish Lincoln Yarns

Escalante’s most luxurious rugs are woven with 100% Lincoln wool. Lincoln sheep were first raised in Northern England in the 1800’s. It is the most durable, lustrous, and dense of all wool fiber. When held in the hands, the yarn of these Lincoln wool rugs feels silky. The dyes are very luminous and the extra weight of the textile is pronounced.

100% Churro Wool Yarns

Navajo-Churro is a rare, ancient breed of sheep introduced to the New World by the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus on his second voyage. The yarn produced from the wool of this sheep is extremely durable and long lasting with a beautiful sheen. Churro is a natural choice for rugs because of its strength. It is this wool that was used for the prized hand spun Zapotec, Navajo and Rio Grande blankets of the 19th century.

Hand Spun Wool Yarns

Deep in the Zapotec’s tradition are local hand spun yarns made with pre-Hispanic “drop spindle” method of spinning (link to Video). This process can often take more time than actually weaving a rug. Because each skein of drop-spindle yarns comes from an individual sheep’s fleece, there are slight differences in the natural shades when dyed, result in the variegated textures of the finished rug. The knobby feel of the Hand Spun pieces has been a staple of Flat Weave rugs through the centuries of weaving in North

Angora Wool Blended Yarns

Angora wool yarns give our textiles a subtle and feel. We use an imported Angora wool blend that is sheared from Angora goats. Angora absorbs dye more evenly and with a richer tone than the Hand Spun wool. Due to the long staple fiber it allows for a smoother hand and soft sheen.

Mohair Wool Blended Yarns

Escalante’s exclusive yarn is a 50% Mohair and 50% wool blend. Mohair is sheared from Angora goats and is truly an exquisite fiber with a delicate, warm appearance and rich luster. It’s the second strongest natural fiber behind horse mane hair, giving it the “diamond fiber” distinction. Mohair produced yarns have a halo-like glow and have the strength and durability to make an heirloom quality rug.

Rug Care

We recommend the Eco Preferred rug pad One World Rugs

Weekly vacuuming and regular turning/flipping of the rug is normally sufficient care. You can wash in cold water using a mild soap such as Woolite, then block to dry (flatten and stretch). For more soiled rugs we recommend dry cleaning with a local cleaner that deals with rugs. More information see our FAQ page.